Archaeological tour “Following ancient way”

Price 1500 Euro
Perfect trip for those who likes to discover the secrets of disappeared civilizations. The trip will guide you along the ancient secrets of Khakassia
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Day 1, Arrival in Krasnoyarsk

Arrival in Krasnoyarsk at XXX.
Meet with a guide, transfer to hotel Krasnoyarsk 3*. Dinner. 

Day 2, Krasnoyarsk city
06:00-10:00 Breakfast at hotel
10:00 Meeting with a guide
10:00-13:00 Krasnoyarsk city tour
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Visit Krasnoyarsk Regional museum
17:00 Dinner at the restaurant near hotel (or boxed upon your wish)
18:00 Check-out and meet with a guide
19:00 Departure by train #124 to Abakan
Day 3, Kazanovka: The "Valley of the Seven Sisters" (Chity-Khys)
06:30 Arrival in Abakan 07:00-08:00 Breakfast at local cafe Then departure to Kazanovka. About 11:00 arrival at camp “Kuyg”. Check-in, short rest.
13:00-14:00 Lunch with national Khakassian dishes
14:00-17:00 Mini-trekking in the valley of Chity- Khys or "Seven Sisters". Visit the necropolis of Anchil chon 1 and then to the necropolis of Chity- Khys, formed by Kurgan. Climbing the slopes of Mount Khazyn khyr you reach a temple structure.
19:00 Dinner Overnight in yurts Kyug.
Day 4, Kazanovka: the "Valley of the Old Santa" (Khurtuiakh kohl)
After an approach by bus (5 km), walk in the wooded valley of Khurtuiakh kohl, here are some interesting rock surfaces with figurative engravings. Visit the Ethnographic Museum in Kazanovka, where are reconstructed some khakassian yurts. Lunch at the yurts Kyug. Visit the nearby Akh tas or "White Stone", a granite stela-menhirs. Not far visit to the Inei Tas (the rock of the Old). Descending a few kilometers the valley visiting, in the area called Khyzyl khaia, a menhir. After dinner, a show of traditional music and dance khakassian Group, and then kamlanie of the Siberian shaman. Dinner and overnight in yurts Kyug.
Day 5, Poltakovo and Safronovo
Departure by bus to go down until the valley up to the site of "Khurtuyakh tas" stele. Moving further along the wide valley to the Museum of Poltakovo. Lunch with lunch-box. Nearby, visit the necropolis of kurgan Safronovo. Return trip to Kazanovka. Dinner and overnight in yurts Kug.
Day 6, Shushenskoye village
After breakfast group is leaving Kazanovka. The group goes to Shushenskoye village, located near the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station. The dam was built in 1987, height 245 meters, the length of the ridge 1,070 meters, the width at the base of 110 meters, the width of the crest 25 meters. Afternoon you will have an excursion to the museum “Shushenskoye”. Open-air museum “Shushenskoye” is the unique historical, architectural, ethnographical complex, which is located on the bank of Shush river. The museum is reconstructed of the central part of old Siberian village and reflected intellectual culture of peasants at the turn of XXth century. You will have an opportunity to feel the life of past century: live at a farmhouse, meet with local handicrafts, taste the real pumpkin porridge cooked in Russian stove and of course taking Russian banya!
Day 7, The petroglyphs of Bojar and the Museum of Minusinsk
Breakfast, check-out. Then departure to the city of Minusinsk. Here we visit the Regional Museum Martyanov. Moving up to Abakan. Lunch. Near the Yenissei, visit the frieze of rock Bojar pisanitsa. Coming back to Abakan. Dinner and overnight at hotel in Abakan.
Day 8, Leaving Khakassia
Today you will know the history of Abakan city, walk around its narrow streets, visit main museum of Republic, and then visit the largest archeological monument in Khakassia, Siberian Stonehenge – Big Salbyk Burial Mound for farewell with its amazing land Khakassia. Then coming back to Krasnoyarsk by bus. Accommodation at hotel Krasnoyarsk upon arrival (about 8 p.m.). Dinner.
Day 9, Krasnoyarsk Stolby
06:00-10:00 Breakfast at hotel
09:00 Meet with a guide, departure to Stolby reserve 
 10:00-13:00 Excursion around central group of rocks Krasnoyarsk “Stolby” is the unique peace of nature located in the heart of Siberia. Long time ago this same place the lava flowed from earth interior and froze in stones among untouched and unknown part of taiga. For almost two centuries Stolby, Krasnoyarsk, Stolbism, climbing give no peace to local people minds as well as dreamers who want visit this place.
13:00-14:00 Lunch (boxed)
14:00-15:30 Visit observation place Tsar Ryba
17:00 End of excursion at hotel Free time at hotel
18:00 Check-out
18:30 Farewell dinner
Transfer to the airport, flight back home 


Group of 6 people - 2270 Euro per person The price for other number of participants is upon request
Accommodation and meals as per program, English-speaking guide services, transport services (minibus), entrance tickets; recreational fee, shamans' kamlaniye, train tickets Krasnoyarsk-Abakan (2d class, 4-berth compartment), porter services at Railway station in Krasnoyarsk, accident and tick-borne insurance
  • Airline tickets
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Souvenirs
  • Services, not mentioned in the program

  • Highlights

    Krasnoyarsk region, the Republic of Khakassia
    Second half of June – first half of September
    Excursion, archaeological, bus tour
    Private travelling
    Route distance

    By car
    1320 km
    On foot
    25 km
    By fast boat
    0 km

    Tour details

    Krasnoyarsk hotel 3* Shushenskoye guesthouses Asia hotel 4*

    1 day - D 2 day – B/L/D 3 day - B/L/D 4 day - B/L/D 5 day - B/L(boxed)/D 6 day - B/L/D 7 day - B/L/D 8 day - B/L(boxed)/D 9 day - B/L(boxed)/D Kindly inform us about your food requirements such as allergies, diet, vegetarian and ect. in advance.

    This trip is an excursion kind of tour with the elements of some activities. It means you don’t need any special equipment; please take with you all the necessary things for leisure vacation.

    Type of tour

    Day 1 - 30 km asphalt road Day 2 - 70 km asphalt road Day 3 - 5 km off-road, 140 km asphalt road Day 4 - 5 km off-road Day 5 - 20 km off-road, 85 km asphalt road Day 6 - 5 km off-road, 310 km asphalt road Day 7 - 20 km off-road, 250 km asphalt road Day 8 - 10 km off-road, 490 km asphalt road Day 9 - 20 km off-road, 120 km asphalt road Total route distance: 1580 km by auto about 10 km on foot

    The trip is organized by comfortable minibus (with AC, 13-seats, no special space for the luggage - e.g. Ford Transit). The part Krasnoyarsk-Abakan is by train (2d class compartment with 2 bunk beds).

    Age: from 12 years No special physical fit is required Note, there are ticks you can meet in the major part of Siberia. The dangerous season is May-June. Anyway there are ticks till September even. During this trip you should be very attentive in Stolby reserve and during open-air excursions in Khakassia, where ticks are possible. We strongly recommend to make sure your arms and legs are not attacked by ticks during the excursions.



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