Heart of Sayan Mountains

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Adventure trip for nature lovers. Fresh air, silence of taiga, star sky, and magnificent Sayan mountains will be kept in your memory for a long time.

Route: Krasnoyarsk-Krasnoyarsk Stolby-Shushenskoye-Ergaki-Abakan 

Krasnoyarsk region, the Republic of Khakassia
9 days/8 nights
Second half of June – first half of August
Excursion, hiking (middle activity) tour
Private travelling
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1 day Arrival in Krasnoyarsk
Krasnoyarsk by Susina (3).jpgMeet with a guide upon arrival. Transfer to hotel, check-in, rest.
Afternoon Krasnoyarsk city tour with visiting observation place Tsar Ryba.
Tzar Ryba is the observation point located on vertical cliffs with breathtaking Yenisei view.
Tzar Ryba monument is dedicated to same-name poem, written by Victor Astafyev.
This monument was established in 2004 dedicated to Astafyev’s anniversary.
Since that time this monument became one of the Krasnoyarsk symbols. Overnight at hotel 3* in Krasnoyarsk

Hotel 3*
Distance per day: 60 km by bus

2 day Krasnoyarsk Stolby
Stolby by Susina (3).JPG

Breakfast at hotel.
Full day exploration of Stolby
Krasnoyarsk Stolby is the unique peace of nature located in the heart of Siberia.
Long time ago this same place the lava flowed from earth interior
and froze in stones among untouched and unknown part of taiga. For almost two centuries Stolby, Krasnoyarsk, Stolbism, climbing give
no peace to local people minds as well as dreamers who want visit this place.
One day tour by bus will allow you to save your energy and time. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Hotel 3*
B/L (boxed)/D
Distance per day: 50 km by bus, 2-5 km on foot

3 day Krasnoyarsk-Shushenskoye
Khakassia by Susina (10).JPG

Breakfast at hotel.
Departure to Shushenskoye village (490 km). Visit Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Electricity Station on the way.
The Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station takes 9th places among Stations at work in the world
and 2d place (1st one takes Sayano–Shushenskaya Hydro Power Station) in Russia. The Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station has the only one shiplift in Russia!
Experienced guide will tell you about how it was built and how it works and what Tsar Ryba is.
Close to the evening group arrives to open-air state reserve-museum Shushenskoye.
Overnight at Shushenskoye guesthouses.

Shushenskoye guesthouses
Distance per day: 490 km by bus

4 day Shushenskoye-Ergaki
Ergaki by Susina (5).JPG After breakfast you will have an excursion to the museum “Shushenskoye”.
The museum is represented in the central part of old Siberian village and reflected intellectual culture of peasants at the turn of XXth century.
Also this museum is known as the place of the exile of Vladimir Lenin.
Then group departs to Ergaki National park.
Arrival to Ergaki visit center, going uphill 8 km to reach tent camp. Next 3 days are for Ergaki exploration.

Tent camp
Distance per day: 210 km by bus, 8-10 km on foot
5 day Ergaki
Ergaki by Susina (10).JPG

Hiking to Handing Stone, see Sleeping Sayan, the host of this territory.
Evening bonfire.

Tent camp
B/L (boxed)/D
Distance per day: 10-15 km on foot

6 day Ergaki
Ergaki by Susina (6).JPG

The artists range is the aim of this day.

Tent camp
B/L (boxed)/D
Distance per day: 10-15 km on foot

7 day Ergaki

Hiking to Parabola.

Tent camp
B/L (boxed)/D
Distance per day: 10-15 km on foot

8 day Ergaki-Abakan
Khakassia by Susina (12).JPG

After breakfast coming back to the visit centre.
Departure to Abakan, on the way visit Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro Power Electricity Station.
The dam was built in 1987, height 245 meters, the length of the ridge 1,070 meters, the width at the base of 110 meters, the width of the crest 25 meters.
Overnight at the hotel in Abakan.

Hotel 3*
Distance per day: 290 km by car, 10-15 km on foot

9 day Flight home

Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to the airport. Flight back home.

Distance per day: 10 km by bus


People in a group 1-2 3-4 5-6
Price per person 150€ 200€ 200€
  • Accommodation and meals as per program
  • English-speaking guide services (for Krasnoyarsk part), English-speaking assistance for Ergaki part
  • Meals as mentioned (B-breakfast, L - lunch, D - dinner)
  • transport services (minibus)
  • entrance tickets
  • recreational fee
  • medical insurance
  • 120 € per person
  • Airline tickets
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Souvenirs
  • Services, not mentioned in the program
  • The price is valid till 31th of December 2017.

    The magnificent piece of West Sayan Mountains will always be in your heart. Breathtaking views of Ergaki peaks make you explore this place over and over again. Taiga silence, meeting upon bonfire, stars sky, fresh air and clean water, deep lakes and waterfalls, and endless peaks around. The best choice is for outdoor adventure lovers. SiberiaDa Tour highlight

    Accommodation en route

    Accommodation at hotel 3*, located in the city centre.
    Ussually, we suggest to stay in the historical centre of our city - at Krasnoyarsk hotel, which is supposed to be one of the symbols of modern Krasnoyarsk.
    High quality services, fresh rooms with all nessesary stuff, private WC and shower, open buffet, free wi-fi.

    Shushenskoye by Susina.JPGAccommodation at Shushenskoye guesthouses.
    Shushenskoye guesthouses are located at the territory of open air state reserve-museum Shushenskoye.
    This camp represents the style of life of Siberian people at the end of XIX century.
    All the things are about that period of time: traditional wooden russian houses and farms.
    For its guests cofmort, every house has private facilities (WC and shower).
    Set breakfast, free wi-fi.

    Tent camp

    Accommodation at hotel 3*, located in the city centre.
    Abakan is small, cosy Siberian city. Despite it there is good choice hotels options.
    We suggest to stay at Abakan hotel at twin rooms (private WC and shower, open buffet).

    Route distance

    By car asphalt road
    1110 km
    By car off-road
    10 km
    On foot
    75 km

    The trip is organized by comfortable private vehicle depending on a group size. The part Krasnoyarsk-Abakan is by train (2d class compartment with 2 bunk beds).

    What to take

    This trip is an excursion kind of tour with the elements of some activities. It means you don’t need any special equipment; please take with you all the necessary things for leisure vacation.

    Limitations & dangers

    Age: from 12 years.
    No special physical fit is required.
    Note, there are ticks you can meet in the major part of Siberia.
    The dangerous season is May-June. Anyway there are ticks till September even. During this trip you should be very attentive during open-air excursions in Khakassia, where ticks are possible. We strongly recommend to make sure your arms and legs are not attacked by ticks during the excursions.

    Tour details

    This tour covers 2 regions:
  • Krasnoyarsk region
  • Khakassia republic
  • Before go to Siberia, we kindly ask to learn travel tips carefully:
  • Documents, what to take
  • Transport services, accommodation&meals
  • Excursions
  • Security
  • Ticks
  • Extra services
  • Reccomendations and limitaions
  • Nature of Siberia is the main treasure, we kindly ask to not damage it and respect of local people traditions and customs.
    There are following steps how to book the tour:
    1. Send us a request
    2. Confirm an itinerary
    3. Conclude a contract, make prepayment
    4. Make full payment
    5. Receive the vouchers, pack the staff and start traveling
    Basic terms of booking see, clicking this link

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