Why us

There are 5 reasons, why you may work with us:

  1. Professional services. We know every detail of travelling in Siberia. We travel around Siberia and usually write special reports for our travelers.
  2. Highly quality staff. The quality of the services is on the top place. 
  3. Tailor-made trips. We are used to work with unusual requests. It’s important for us to make unique and interesting trips. You can see our work policy rules here - About us
  4. No hidden fees. The price published on the website is valid.
  5. Style of travelling. Typically, tourists start to get acquaintance with Russia, going to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. Absolutely, these cities are amazing but there you will never see a real style of life in Russia. You can see how different Russia if go to Siberia. For our guests we offer to stay in authentic types of accommodation (where it’s possible), to taste local food, learn local people traditions and customs, and much more important to visit real Russian family. 

We work with both direct clients and travel agencies. We are open for new partners; don’t hesitate to contact us.