Frequently asked questions


Before learning tour options, it's better to manage the aim and time of the travelling. Please, learn carefully tour program. Every tour has detailed description such as type of a tour, duration, itinerary, demands to participants, limitations and dangers, price and other useful information. These details will allow you to estimate the option and avoid any disappointments. We kindly ask to estimate wisely your health state and for any case it's better to ask doctor's reccomendation before the trip. We offer tailor-made trips in general, so it means you can make your own individual trip, and we will help to plan all the details. For those travelers who prefer travel in a group, we also have some options.
Please, send the request by e-mail ( or or using the request form on the web-site. We will contact you within 24 hours for clearing up all the questions. After you confirm the tour, we will conclude a contract and you will able to make a prepayment (usually 30% by bank transfer). The rest amount should be paid not less than 20 days before trip start. If you book the tour within 45 days before departure date, you need to make full payment at once.

We reccomend to book tour not later than 2 months before departure date, esspesially in a summer time, because of during high season it will be hard to find free places at hotels, the best guides or transport.

Welcoming. Part of people work in tourism and service industry, and speak basic English.

What to avoid adoing:

1. Communicating with Russians avoid talking about politics - otherwise you will be involved in non-stop political discussion.

2. Avoid walking alone at night through parks and in outer city streets.

3. Damage nature. Please, remember the nature is the main treasure of Siberia. If the travelling is supposed to be in a a recreational zone such as Baikal area, Krasnoyarsk Stolby, Lena Pillars or other, a tourist is obliged to observe the rules of stay in the area, characterized by the presence of the mountains and the water. In the Baikal area, there are many cliffs, tall mountains. The tourist should follow safety rules caution to avoid falling off a cliff. We strongly recommend care when climbing a mountain and swimming. Fires are prohibited!!! Drink only reliable safe water and drinks (boiled water, drinking water and drinks only in the original packaging).

Some reminders:

-Many people in the tourist trades speak some English but most people don't

-Almost all signs are in Russian only

The electrical current in Russia is 220V AC. The European standard 2-prong plug is used (type F).

You should pay in Rubles in the territory of Russia. All prices are generally quoted in Russian rubles. You may exchange currency at banks only. Credit cards are accepted in most places that work with foreign tourists. Visa and MasterCard are widely used. Remember to change your rubles before you leave Russia. Most exchange office outside Russia will not change rubles.

Siberia is a safe place to travel. But don’t forget that there a lot of places in Siberia with almost no signs of civilization, so our guides and drivers will take care of your comfortable and safe travelling.
But this is the unique travel experience – you will forget modern fast life for a while and enjoy pleasant and peaceful silence of great Siberian nature.
Many of the travelers say, that people in Siberia are more welcoming and kind comparing with European part of Russia.  

In big and small cities there is no problem to pay by credit card at hotels, malls, cafes and so on. There are many ATM working 24 hours. But in remote Siberian areas, often it's possible to pay by cash only .

There are many places in Siberia with no available cellular coverage at all. In big cities operators as Beeline, MTS, Megafon and Tele2 work all right. Before buying Russian sim-cards, check the mobile tariff, it might be roaming in Russia.
Most big hotels offer its guests Internet access for a fee. There are also quite cheap internet cafes in big cities.